The MG-Bolt (Mechanical Grouted Bolt) is a groutable mechanical bolt. The ease of installation of a rock stud with instant active support, locked into full column stiffness providing longevity offered only by a grouted tendon. An integrally formed taper on the body of the tendon increases strength for a given bar diameter and reduces required hole sizes.


  • Simple to install with standard equipment
  • Simple to pretension
  • Re-tensionable
  • Positive pre-load indication
  • 10 – 21 Ton load capacity
  • End anchored – patented instant support
  • Tailored grout – 2hr set time Improved pumpability Poka Yoke mix ratio system
  • Bit size range Ø32 – Ø38mm


Basic Product Specification / Operating Ranges
Ultimate load carrying capacity 100kN – 220kN
Bar diameter range Ø14mm – Ø18mm
Length of bolt 0.8m – 3.0m in 0.1m increments
Bit size range Ø32mm – Ø38mm (up to Ø42mm upon request)
Preload indication 30% – 50% of selected UTS
Grout set time – full bar performance < 2 hrs (tailored upon request)
MG-Bolt Detail
MG-Bolt Detail