Self Locking Cable Anchor

RT Cable Anchor


The patented Self Locking Cable Anchor offers the convenience of a threaded cable installation with the performance and pre-stressing capacity of a barrel and wedge system. The flexible, high yield tendon makes the anchor ideal for use as primary or secondary support in confined installation spaces or where long installation lengths are required.

The locking nut prevents the pre-stressed installation from rattling loose, eliminating the need to grout the anchor*. The self-activating expansion shell prevents the anchor from falling out of the hole during installation and provides full UTS support on insertion of the bolt, before pre-stressing is performed**. The patented reactionless tensioning system allows for rapid, single pass, hands-free and remote tensioning of the installed bolt from behind the supported line using the specialised tensioning socket. The lightweight, low maintenance tensioning socket uses no consumables and can be powered by a portable pneumatic-hydraulic power pack or can be driven off alternative power sources such as drill rig hydraulics.

  • Mechanically end anchored with self-activating expansion shell
  • Tensioning by reactionless threaded barrel and nut system
  • Compact, Light weight Tensioning socket
  • Low maintenance tensioning system with no consumables
  • Single pass pre-tensioning to 100kN (10 Ton)
  • Remote hands-free tensioning from behind supported line
  • Precision colour coded load indicator for pre-stress auditing
  • 360kN installation UTS on insertion of bolt**
  • Fixed length installation with no cable cropping waste
  • Mechanically locked pre-tension eliminating the need for grout


Basic Product Specification / Operating Ranges

Cable type 18mm 7-Wire Compact Strand 1700Mpa
15.2mm 7-Wire Ordinary Strand 1700Mpa
Ultimate load carrying capacity 360 kN
Pre-stressing up to 100 kN (lower pre-stressing available on request)
Length of cable 1.0 m – 6.0 m in 0.1 m increments (variants available on request)
Hole size range (Min Ø36 mm) Ø38 mm – Ø41 mm, Ø41 mm – Ø45 mm and Ø48mm to Ø51mm
Tensioning socket size 280x250x200mm Weight 13kg
* The Self Locking Cable Anchor is intended for short-term installations where corrosion will not propagate. For long term installations refer to the grouted cable anchor or review our corrosion protection options.
** Faceplate must be in contact with the hanging wall.


Self Locking Cable Anchor
Tensioning socket
Tensioning socket
Attachment of Socket to RT Cable Anchor
Attachment of Socket to RT Cable Anchor