Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire


Customer Details


Key to satisfaction score:

Rating 0 – 5:  Cause for Concern

Rating 6 – 8:  Fair to Good

Rating 9 – 10:  Good to Excellent

Department and satisfaction evaluation criteria

(please also see general comments etc. below)


1. Product Procurement

Quotation timing; product costs; management response/attitude; etc.


2. Delivery (on-time in full)

Delivery performance – quantities, response/attitude to product non-conformance; etc.


3. Quality

Quality of products; response to quality problems; etc.


4. After Sale Service

Area Managers, UGO's, queries/problem solving, documentation; information shared; etc.


5. General Comments

Any general comments (please state department first).


6. Recommended Improvements

What improvements would you recommend, if any?