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Product description

The BoraBolt is a hollow core, self-drilling, rockbolt designed to suit a range of applications from quasi-static through to dynamic and squeezing ground conditions.


The hollow core bar serves as both the drill string during drilling of a support hole, and as the support tendon once grouted into place. A single use drill bit, selected to suit the ground conditions, is fitted to the leading end of the BoraBolt with a plate and nut fitted on the trailing end. Couplers can be used to combine BoraBolt sections for extension bolting. Once the rockbolt has been drilled to full depth, pumpable resin is injected through the center of the rockbolt to achieve full encapsulation from the back of the hole to the collar. When installed with quick curing resin the BoraBolt provides immediate support, with consistent quasi-static and dynamic yield loads, and high deformation and energy absorption capacities.


The BoraBolt can also be configured as a non-drilling, two-step bolt by excluding the drill bit.

* Based on 2.4 m length rockbolt

BoraBolt 2-step

BoraBolt 1-step