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Product description

The Helix Pumpable bolt is a rockbolt for encapsulation with pumpable bulk resin, for use in quasi-static ground conditions. The unique injection seat and nozzle design includes radial seals which allow the use of percussion during installation of the Helix Pumpable bolt without damaging nozzle seals. The  radial seals are integrated into the head of the Helix Pumpable bolt negating the need for seal maintenance on the grouting nozzle.


During installation the Helix Pumpable bolt is inserted into a pre-drilled hole and the resin is then pumped through the injection seat on the head of the bolt. The resin flows up the inner annulus of the steel sleeve to the distal end of the hole, to achieve full encapsulation before filling the hole back to the collar. The internal rebar forms a mechanical interlock with the cured resin to anchor the bar in place, resulting in a consistent load-displacement profile defined by the engineered mechanical properties of the bar.


Helix Pumpable Bolt distal end (top) and internal resin rebar (bottom)