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Product description

The hollow, tubular Hydrabolt is injected with high pressure water upon installation and then expands to adapt to the shape of a pre-drilled support hole.


The Hydrabolt incorporates a check valve to prevent the fluid from being released once the inflating nozzle is removed. This system provides a better bond as the inflated tube adapts to the shape, size and irregularities of the hole and distributes the clamping force evenly throughout the length of the hole. As the installed Hydrabolt is sealed, the internal corrosion is self-inhibiting.


Hydrabolts are fitted with an integral load indicator that confirms it has been correctly installed by popping forward once the Hydrabolt has been adequately pressurised; secondly the color of the load indicator identifies which length of Hydrabolt has been installed.


Hydrabolt (3)
Hydrabolt (4B)