Potentia Thixo

Potentia Thixo

Thixotropic pumpable resin


Potentia Thixo is a two-component pumpable resin that simplifies the installation of rockbolts and cable bolts whilst improving installation quality. Potentia Thixo is dispensed by a pumping system which automatically mixes and injects, in the correct ratio, into the support hole. The thixotropic resin begins to gel immediately upon mixing and sets, forming a chemical anchor with excellent mechanical properties. When injected through pumpable bolts, the resin fills the annular space between the bolt and the bore hole with full column bond independent of the hole profile.

For support using cable bolts or solid bars, Potentia Thixo can be pumped into the borehole through an injection pipe before the tendon is pushed into the hole through the resin. Potentia Thixo is available in a range of different setting times to suit different rock temperatures and varying lengths of rockbolts and cables. Once mixed, Potentia Thixo remains unaffected by water and will adhere to damp surfaces.


  • Thixotropic
  • Gels immediately after mixing
  • Quick curing to full strength
  • Non-foaming
  • Does not intermix with water


Component Data Component A Component B
Density at 25°C (g/cm³ 1.4 1.2
Viscosity at 25°C (mPa.s) 230 130
Mixing ratio (in volume) 1 1
Shelf life at 20°C (months) 12 12
Storage temperature (ºC) 5 – 30 5 – 30
Potentia Thixo
Potentia Thixo