The X‑Pandabolt is very similar to the Hydrabolt except that the X‑Pandabolt valve releases the water once installation has been completed. The body of the X‑Pandabolt is able to withstand greater deformation than that of a Hydrabolt and therefore withstands greater lateral movement of the rock in which the X‑Pandabolt is installed.

All of New Concept Mining’s Inflatable Bolts can be offered with Thermal Zinc Diffusion for improved corrosion protection if required.



New improved X‑Pandabolt indicator

X‑Pandabolts can now be fitted with a new button and indicator where the load indicator protrudes from the button after correct pressurisation. This allows better visibility of the indicator when checking for correct installation. This system is compatible with the new Self-auditing Jackpot.

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X-Pandabolt inflation
X-Pandabolt Load Indicator


Benefits of the bolt

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Wide expansion range
  • Pressurising done remotely
  • Not affected by blasting vibrations
  • No resin or grout required
  • No parts to lose in transport
  • Not susceptible to rock strength
  • Deforms to accommodate movement of the rock once installed
  • Load distributed evenly over entire length of hole
  • Provides immediate support


Three models of the X-Pandabolt are currently available and can be manufactured in lengths ranging from 0.9 to 3.0 meters in increments of 0.3 meters. Non-standard lengths can be accommodated upon request.


Model Nominal diameter (mm) Hole size range (mm) Nominal load capacity (kN) Typical bond length (mm)
X‑Pandabolt NT Ø26 Ø32–36 78 800
X‑Pandabolt Normal Ø26 Ø32–36 98 800
X‑Pandabolt Ø29 Ø29 Ø34–40 98 800